After enjoying a few years of surfing South Carolina, we decided to enter the tinting industry in the early 90’s. After seventeen years we have built strong relationships in the Columbia, Orangeburg, Florence, & Sumter area. We only hire the most qualified technicians in order to service your home town. Our technicians offer the finest quality work in automobile tinting, residential tinting and commercial tinting. As an authorized Geoshield dealer, we use only the most advanced window films on the market. The film we use offers UV protection that includes a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Call us today to learn why Spectacle Tinting has been highly recommended by your neighbors.

At Spectacle Tinting we have always sworn to take care of our customers and their vehicles. It’s clear that you have been reading the content on our site for a reason: to clearly understand the benefits and savings window tinting can bring. Let us help you protect yourself from UV light and harmful rays, while saving you money in reduced energy costs and extending the life of your furniture. The energy savings are enormous and can be seen in all aspects of tinting: automobile tinting, residential window tinting and commercial window tinting.

Another plus gained from tinting is the effect on the human eye. A new window tint makes a vehicle or building look sharp and professional. We offer a wide variety of products in order to reach the optimal look for our customer. Please look at our product view to get an idea of what you’re looking for. In a rare case that you’re looking for a product that we don’t order we will place the special order. Here at Spectacle Tinting we understand that everyone has a different reason for wanting their windows tinted. Please give us a call today at (803) 200-2040 to talk to a customer service representative about your individual needs.