Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do you tint a window?

The film has an adhesive on one side that has a layer over it to protect it. In order to lay it down the technician must expose the adhesive. After removal the technician will spray a solution onto the adhesive. Then they will place the adhesive onto the window. If bubbles persist the technician will ensure their eradication by the use of a squeegee…

How much heat can Spectacle Tinting block?

We would have to say this is the most common question we receive. We have a variety of different options to choose from and each offers their own unique protection. I would have to recommend our reflective film because it blocks up to 90% of heat.

What about UV rays?

Our films protect against 97% of all UV rays. We protect against heat, glare and any other harmful effects of UV rays. We also have a fading warranty that guarantees our tinting to extend lifetime of your furniture for three years.

Why can window film be translated into energy savings?

Our film cuts down heat by about 80% and in turn this means a dramatic decrease to your vehicles internal temperature. The use of your AC will be cut down. The exact cost of the savings vary on degree of the tint, however it’s usually a minimum of $400 a year.

Can I fix the film myself?

We would highly encourage no “mickey mouse jobs”, leave it to the professionals. Careless installation can cause bubbles and at times irreversible damage to the window.

What are some of the different films Spectacle Tinting provides?

We offer a variety of different services. We cover all things tinting from auto, commercial and residential tinting. We have reflective, non-reflective, frost, color and safety films just to name a few.

What if I get in an accident?

First off let’s not even think about getting into an accident. However, in the event of this tragedy, window film can help. The strong film actually prevents any glass splinters and will keep the window intact.

What is the ETA of a tint job?

Every job is different because the size of a window can range from a variety of different factors. However a rough guesstimate would be about 2 hours for an automobile.

How to clean window film

Only use an alcohol based window cleaner, or just warm soap and water. Anything with ammonia (i.e. Windex) can ruin the film.