Over the past decade Spectacle Tinting has acquired and diversified their exclusive right to dozens of different films to match every possible request, including requests for residential tinting. Our window films are specifically designed for any type of home—from our specialized beach home tinting to our desert home tint, we can meet any need. All of our films are scientifically proven to reduce the heat and harmful effects from the radiation. Our residential window tints will allow anyone to enjoy the view from their home, without having to adjust for a glare! They will keep your home cooler in the warm summer months.

At Spectacle Tinting we understand that every home is different. There are many variables that a customer must take into account: window size, amount of light each window receives, the exterior layout, and the furniture inside. We provide our customers a wide variety of films to select from to meet their individual need. The home owner is able to achieve the perfect balance of heat and aesthetic look.

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Why Tint Your Home?

It’s a question every customer will ask themselves when they first hear residential window tinting. If you’re from the San Diego area you understand the degree of heat and sunlight that enters through your window. It raises the temperature of your house, while causing furniture and artwork to fade if it’s caught in these dangerous rays. These rays also have detrimental effects on health, including melanoma and rapid aging. Our films will block out 99% of all the dangerous rays, which will save you thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs, property damage and health insurance. The savings from residential window tinting will pay for the tinting itself, and save you much more! It only makes sense to protect your belongings and loved ones from the UV rays.

Our Professional Technicians

All of our staff has had at least ten years of experience in the field installing any type of tint you can imagine. These seasoned individuals are ready to take on any home. Most home owners do not realize the variety of films available for their house. Give one of our representatives a call at (803) 200-2040 to learn what type of film best matches your need. We understand that window tinting is an investment that our customers would like to see their dividends. We assure you the best quality service with your purchase.